Our services

At The Barking Beauty Boutique we offer a wide range of services. Each of  these services are beneficial to your dog.

Puppy Grooms

Grooming should begin as young as possible. Once your puppy has had all his/her vaccinations it is vital that you introduce them to grooming. Some breeders suggest you wait until your puppy is over 10 months old to have him/her groomed. However, it is extremely difficult to groom a dog which is not used to the environment as they do not understand the handling and are more often than not frightened of the methods and techniques used, which will cause a lot of stress for your dog and make it very difficult to get the results you desire. For your puppy’s  first few visits to The Barking Beauty Boutique we will aim to familiarise him/her with the noises, techniques and handling which will be fully experienced when they are a bit older. A puppy groom will involve Brushing and combing, a relaxing bath with puppy shampoo, a fluff up with the dryer, a tidy up around the face, feet, tummy and bum, nail clipping and ear cleaning. Although the coat wont be clipped the clippers will be turned on so your puppy can get used to the sound and vibration of the clippers. It is not recommended to have your puppy clipped at such a young age due to the hair not being fully developed. in addition to this it is extremely difficult to groom a dog which is not used to the salon environment which may result in a poor finished style.


All dogs must be mat free before bathing and styling. If mats are not properly removed before bathing your dog they will tighten and become very difficult to remove. A matted coat is can cause serious skin conditions for your pet at it provides a warm damp environment for bacteria to breed. There have been known cases of dogs who have been found to even have maggots and cockroaches living beneath a matted coat. It is highly important to brush your dog in between visits, the longer a knot is left in the coat the more difficult it is to remove and it will soon increase in size. This can then, very quickly, lead to a fully matted coat which will have to be clipped off. De-matting a severely matted coat is extremely painful and stressful for a dog so to conform to the 5 freedoms under The Animal Welfare Act, a severely matted coat will be clipped off. However, this does not mean that if your dog is found to have a few small knots that the coat will be clipped off. Where possible these will be removed so long as it is quick, pain and stress free for your dog.

Regular visits to The Barking Beauty Boutique and at home maintenance between grooms will prevent clipping off. Advice and tips can be given for at home maintenance of all breeds, please ask.


Bathing is important for your dog as it allows for any dirt, bacteria or harmful substances to be removed from your dogs coat before they become a problem. By bathing regularly your dogs skin and coat can be kept in a great condition.  Here at The Barking Beauty Boutique, different bathing methods and shampoos are used to suit your dogs individual needs. This ensures the best results and a thorough yet relaxing clean is obtained.


Although it takes a little while longer, all of our dogs are hand dried with a top of the range hair dryer to give an excellent finish to your dogs coat. Hand drying is much less stressful for dogs than other methods such as cabinet dryers, and it allows for the perfect finish which can not be obtained using alternate methods. However, if your dog is not used to the noise and feel of the dryer it may take a couple of visits to allow complete tolerance of the dryer. Bringing your dog to The Barking Beauty Boutique from a very young age along with regular visits will speed up this tolerance process.


A shedding dog can be a nuisance. Although there is no permanent solution to this, we have grooming tools which can help remove the bulk of the shedding and minimise the amount of hair lost between visits.

Hand stripping

Handstripping is a long process but gives an excellent look. the hair on the coat is removed by hand, using a simple and painless technique. Handstripping is usually done every 3-4 months. However, some dogs may need longer to enable the coat to be ready to be stripped again.  Some breeds can be hand stripped, these are usually wire coat breeds such as Border Terriers and Cairn Terriers. Hand stripping gives a very natural look and maintains the coats texture which may be lost through clipping. Handstripping can only be done if the coat is ready, this is called ‘blown’. Please call us on 07570703642 if you wish to have your dog hand stripped and we will help you determine when the coat is ready or book you a free appointment to have the coat assessed. Please be aware that not all dogs can be handstripped. Factors such as: spaying and neutering, environment, coat texture, tolerance and previous grooming methods used will affect the ability to strip an dogs coat. Please contact The Barking Beauty Boutique for a free coat assessment.

Undercoat removal

Some breeds will start to lose their undercoat at certain times of year. It can be a real pain to find big clumps of hair around your home.  It takes a lot of work to fully remove an undercoat so let us do this for you. Here at The Barking Beauty Boutique we use a wide range of tools and methods to leave your dog undercoat free whilst leaving your furry friend feeling pampered and relaxed.


Nail cutting

It is important to keep your dogs nails as short as possible so that the foot growth and shape are not altered, which can result in serious problems. Each nail contain a vein call ‘the quick’ which will bleed if  the nail is cut too close. The length of the vein in the nail will determine how short nails can be cut. Regular nail cutting and walking often on hard ground will help naturally shorten the vein so the nails can be cut shorter.

Ear cleaning

It is important to regularly clean your dogs ears to prevent an infection caused by a build up of wax or a mite infestation. Ear plucking is sometimes necessary where small amounts of hair are removed from the ear. This process is quick and painless and is extremely beneficial as it unblocks the ears to prevent wax build up and infections.


Clipping is a very useful way of styling coats. It allows for a quick and even look to be achieved.  Clipping can create an excellent style including the “teddy bear” cut or a variety of poodle styles and many more. There are a range of clipper blade lengths and comb attachments which results in a variety of coat length choices. A coat can only be left long if it is mat free.


Scissoring creates a very natural look. Scissoring is usually done on the face, legs, tail and feathers. However, scissoring can be done all over the body depending on the outcome desired. Scissoring the whole body will take a considerably longer amount of time in comparison to clipping and may not be suitable for your dog. This can be discussed on arrival to your appointment.


Brushing is essential for all dogs.  Some require more brushing than others, but it is still a necessity. Brushing allows for the prevention of mats and dirt build up which can cause severe skin problems. Brushing needs to be done in between visits to The Barking Beauty Boutique, at home. The methods, tools and frequency  will vary depending on your dogs breed, coat type and environment. It is important that you are strict with your dog when it comes to brushing, although you should make it a pleasant and enjoyable experience, the dog needs to understand that you are in control and if he/she behaves during brushing they will receive a reward.  We will be happy for you to visit us in between full groom sessions for a good brush out. If you need any advice on tools, methods or handling techniques for your dog, please do not hesitate to ask.

A finishing touch

On request and depending on the finished style, a small finishing touch can be added. At the moment we have a variety of bows, clips  and cologne which can can be added. This finishing touch can give your grooming experience that little bit extra. Please ask when you attend your appointment.

Coming soon

Hopefully, we will be starting creative grooming in the nearby future. This is the new craze in dog grooming, from painted nails to a pink glittery Bichon Frise.