Dog Pad and Paw Care

Taking care of your Dog’s pads is something often overlooked but regularly doing a few tasks can help prevent several problems encountered by our canine friends, such as infection from foreign bodies and skin issues.

Firstly it is very important to remove the hair from between the pads, this stops items such as grass seeds getting stuck in pads or hair and also stops matting which can in turn lead to skin problems. It is also worth knowing that some dogs can have trouble walking with hair between their pads.

Its best to use Bull Nosed Scissors, as these offer more control and prevent accidental injury as they have no sharp points.

To remove the hair between the pads use your fingers to seperate the pad and carefully cut the hair out ensuring not to cut the pad or skin in the process. The hair between the toes should then be pulled to the underside of the foot and then trimmed.

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