Price List

All Prices are approximates and will vary each dog and will depend on the coat type, coat condition and the grooming services required for each visit. Please call 07570703642 for more information.



Please call 07570703642 for a quote.


Cant see the breed your looking for? Call 07570703642


(customers can only use one discount per visit)


You may also be charged for late arrival to your appointment and for late collection of your dog.

Please give at least 24 hours notice, prior to appointment, for cancellations. Failure to do so may result in an additional charge on your next visit.

Missed appointment will result in an additional charge which must be paid prior to making future appointments.

There will be an additional charge if your dog is found to have parasites, to cover the cost of an insecticidal shampoo and the cost fumigating the salon. It is your responsibility, as a pet owner, to keep up to date with parasite control.

If your dog is severely matted the coat will be clipped off. This is to conform to the 5 freedoms under The Animal Welfare Act. There will be an additional charge for matted coats.